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We refer to action methods to those that include experiential methodologies. These involve getting up off the couch and away from the talk therapy setting so that the client can step into a space of a symbolic experience situation as if it was happening in the moment. This action brings different aspects of the experience such as emotional, psychological, and somatic events to the moment with the help of the trained professional.

The latest research in neurosciences indicates that these methodologies incorporate areas of our brain and Central Nervous System in a way that help us integrate the information from past and present experiences. 

Our courses will provide the theoretical foundation of Psychodrama methodology as well as its practical application in your practice and with your clients.

Action Method Institute’s online learning portal allows you to access your courses at your convenience to complete each module at your own pace.

Action Method Institute’s advanced courses offer live lectures as part of a structured learning timeline so that you receive a high quality, personalized interactive training experience. This training is valuable for those interested in Psychodrama and especially for those seeking their board certification in Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy.