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What Does the Institute Do?

What is the Director's Playground?

Who Is the Instructor?

what does the institute do?

The Action Methods Institute has been developed and designed to educate people interested in employing actionable, sociometric methods within their enterprises and practices. This is accomplished through recorded video instruction broken down from modules, into chapters, and finally into topics to make the material easy to learn at each person’s own pace. 

Who is the instructor?

Paula Catalán, LCPC, CP, PAT is the owner of 3Elements Counseling. She is a licensed professional counselor in Maryland and a Certified Psychodramatist by the American Board of Examiners. She is an enthusiastic and energetic clinician committed to bring integration to mind-body-spirit with compassion and mindfulness of the present moment.

Paula is a practitioner of Psychodrama applicant to be a Trainer. She has worked with Psychodrama for over two decades and since February 2017 initiated her path to become a trainer. In that time, Paula has presented several workshops for National and International conferences, local chapters, and co-led at LPTI with Cathy Nugent.

The Director’s Playground is made up of three modules where students will be able to acquire theoretical information and also observe demonstrations of techniques in action through self paced online classes combined with live lectures delivered via the Zoom platform. Each live module is approximately four months in length and will teach Psychodramatic techniques.