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Certification Process Video Transcript

00:05.000 Welcome to Director's Playground. We are going to go over the Certification Process. Some of you may be interested in pursuing a CP, Certified Practitioner in Psychodrama, and others you may just want to go over these modules and courses of Psychodrama just to have another resource in your pocket. So let's go over the 2 main organizations in the USA.  

00:31.000 One is the board, the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy. This is the agency that certifies Psychodramatists. That's the purpose. I have left a website link so you can check it out. I just have chosen some of the main points that are informational for you.

01:00.000 So the main two purposes are establish professional standards on the field of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy, and it certifies professionals. They meet 3 times a year and once you become a certified Psychodramatist you can become part of the board. You can be elected top become a board member too. Now the other organization is the ASGPP, the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama

01:30.000 and this is the organization that mostly focuses on the conference. There is a yearly conference and they foster national and international cooperation. They encourage and promote professional training. They promote the spread and fruitful application of theories and methods in professional disciplines concerned with the well-being of individuals, groups, families, and organizations. And they disseminate information about Psychodrama to the general public.

02:03.000 They also have a journal that once you become a member you have access to those articles. And so these are the 2 main organizations and I just wanted you to hear the name of these two organizations in the US so you know which one to go to. One is for the certification process. The other one mainly is for the conference. OK.

02:34.000 So let's go over the certification process. So the CP, Certified Psychodramatist, you have to have a Master's degree. it doesn't matter which field. If you have in the clinical field, then you may have all of the subjects that they require. If you are not in the field of Psychology, Social Work, Clinical Counseling, Psychiatry you will have to take 5 courses...

03:01.000 I think it's the number of 5...That are clinical oriented. You must have 780 hours from a CP or a TEP. So a Psychodrama Practitioner or a Trainer Educator in Psychodrama. From those 780 hours, 160 hours can be from a Certified Practitioner or a Practitioner in Training...Practitioner Applicant Trainer

03:32.000 in Psychodrama or a TEP. They do have, from those 160 hours, you could, if you're from a different country, they can take as much as 160 hours and be part of this total 780. The rest of the hours, they have to be from a trainer from the board, American Board,

04:01.000 certified by the Board, American Board of Psychodrama. At least 52 weeks of supervised experience and 40 supervision sessions of 15 minutes each. You need 3 endorsements. This is an important piece too. You need a primary trainer and a secondary trainer and then a third person that just has a reference from you. They know how you work and they know you are...

04:30.000 they have a little bit of history with you and they can be as a reference. And then once you have completed those hours you have 2 exams. One is a written examination with the history, philosophy, methodology, sociometry, ethics and research and evaluation, and related fields. So there will be one question for each of those areas. And then after you have completed the examination, if you

05:04.000 have passed the examination you have an onsite examination where one Psychodramatist of the community will go and see you do a Psychodrama group en vivo. And that is for the CP. Then the other certification will be the Trainer Educator Practitioner, the TEP. First you apply to become a PAT,

05:30.000 Practitioner Applicant Trainer, and you need 100 hours of post graduate professional development. You must participate in local conferences, international, and have workshops or group trainings that you can create. 144 hours training of others and closely supervised. So you need 144 hours that are being supervised.

06:04.000 48 hours of supervision from a TEP and obtain...like with the CP, 3 endorsements. You need a primary trainer, a secondary trainer, and then a third person that like in the CP is a reference for you. And the examination process is also the same, but in this case it is an examination focused in how you're training these areas.

06:32.000 The areas that you will be teaching and you will be tested is in history, philosophy, methodologies, sociometry, ethics, research and evaluation, and related fields. After you've passed the written examination, the same process with the CP, you will also have an onsite exam. Someone will be observing you, how you perform a training class.

07:01.000 And that's it for today and I will see you in the next lesson.